Chip Theory Games

Adam and Josh, I love how many game modes you have! This is the first game I've run into where the solo play and co-op play modes don't feel "tacked on". Each of the Titans and strats for taking them down are so different! My son and I are loving the challenge! 

Toby - Hoplo Fan 

I am not only excited about Hoplomachus, I'm hungry for more! 

Cyrus - Father Geek 

A simple, easy-to-play wargame with unique pieces and a lot of heart! 

Tom Vassel - The Dice Tower 

I backed the first game with great anticipation, and CTG delivered! Now with Rise of Rome, we are given even more depth. The new units and addons available give great replayability for this light combat game. Nice job guys. 

Sam  - Hoplo Fan