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Hoplomachus - The Lost Cities
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Hoplomachus: The Lost Cities - $85New-Box-on-black

Hoplomachus is a Gladiatorial Combat board game set during the Roman Empire. This game uses an incredible set of game mechanics that, when put together, make an extremely fun and unique turn-based strategy game. Hoplomachus challenges you to plan, risk, and adapt each turn. We want players to pick their own Champion and develop their own play style that best suits them.


Units from this game are usable and interchangable with Hoplo: Origins and Hoplo: ROR!


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*1st Edition differences: Chips are slightly different in color from our 2nd Edition, have thicker chip borders and thicker black decal borders - resulting in a smaller image on the chip. 




Hoplomachus: Rise of Rome - $75


The highly anticipated sequel to Hoplo: TLC, Rise of Rome brings two new cities to the sands! Play as Rome or Pompeii as they attempt to win back the crowd in the Colosseum. Face off in a PvP battle or challenge a Titan in a solo or co-op with a friend! Play 2v2 if you own TLC & RoR, since cities and arenas are fully interchangeable!

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Hoplomachus: Origins - $55

Hoplomachus: Origins is the third game of the Hoplo series and introduces 3 new arenas, each with their own objectives! Draft your team of 6 units or tactics and go to battle in the personal arenas of our original 3 lost cities! Build House Rep Points as you play to further challenge yourself or take on the 20 Solo Trials to increase your reputation even more! All Origin units are interchangeable with our other two games.








Package Deal: I WANT IT ALL!!!  - $250


Our most popular package, I WANT IT ALL!!! allows you to own the entire Hoplo Series at a discount! Many thanks for supporting Chip Theory Games! This includes our 3 Stand-alone games, and all 4 of our great Add-ons! 

Over $35 in Savings!






Hoplo Series: Blade's Edge - $15

Our Blade's Edge Add-on is perfect for those of you who want some new options when it comes to Champions! 5 new Champs to choose from with many new abilities and innates! But that's not all! Each city also comes with one piece of equipment and a rule variant that allows for you to add it to any game you choose within the series! This changes everything! 


Chips in this Add-on: 

E a x
Borgis of El Dorado Safaron of Atlantis Grom of Xanadu
Pilum Vambraces Trophy Necklace


p r  
Horricus of Pompeii Malagas of Rome  
War Horn Tower Sheild                               





Hoplo Series: Legends of the Sand - $20

Legends of the Sand brings into play brand new units and tactics for all 5 cities. Unique to each city, these units create the need for a revision of previous strategies and the new tactics will have everyone guessing and scrambling to make adjustments!


 Chips in this Add-on: 

E a x
El Doradian Scout (1) Atlantean Skirmisher (2) Xanadian Brute (2)
Crowd Assistance (2) Disarm (1) Surge of Strength (1)


p r  
Pompeiian Guard (2) Roman Peltast (2)  
Relentless (1) Spear Trap (1)                                             





Hoplo Series: Beast and Master - $15

This Add-on features 10 all new Beast and Beastmaster chips!


Chips in this Add-on: 

E a x
El Doradan Beastmaster Atlantean Beastmaster Xanadian Beastmaster
Emerald Falcon Sea Crocodile Slateback Gorilla


p r  
Pompeiian Beastmaster Roman Beastmaster  
Mist Panther Armored Rhino                                        





Hoplo Series: Army of One (aka Solitude Bundle) - $20

This Add-on features 13 chips! 2 Titans and a giant 3 chip crab for solo fights in RoR, and 2 full battle reenactments for TLC (Hannibal Barca and his elephant army and Attila the Hun)!





Package Deal: Add-on Bundle - $55


Blades Edge - 10 Chips

Legends of the Sand - 15 Chips

Beast and Master - 10 Chips

Army of One - 13 Chips

$15 Savings!







Hoplo Series: Premium Health (50 or 125 qty - 11.5 gram chips) - $20/$40

These 11.5 gram chips are the same weight as the unit chips within our Hoplo Series. For a nice upgrade to the overall quality and enjoyment of your Hoplo game, pick up a set of Premium Health chips! Qty: 50 chips (25 Red and 25 Blue) or 125 chips (100 Red and 25 Blue) in a set. 


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CTG - Control 'Ur Roll - Portable Dice Tray - $15

One of our newest Add-on additions, this portable dice tray stores flat, snaps together in seconds, and is perfect for dice rolling when your Origins mat is full of gladiators or you are wanting to contain your rolls to a tighter space. Embossed with the CTG logo, you will love this tray and find it useful for just about any game that has need for dice! Check out our sample video here.  




Hoplomachus: Origins - Staging Mat (Limited Supply) -     Quantity Remaining: 82 (as of 12-30-15) - $15


Our Hoplo: Origins Staging Mat is something we offered along with our Origins Kickstarter. While not exclusive, it was ordered in limited quantity and will not always be kept in stock. The mat plays no strategic roll in the game and is simply a nice way of protecting your chip faces by always having them on a neoprene mat. This staging mat has room for each of your drafted units as well as a place to stack any that have fallen. It fits right next to any of the 3 Origins arenas and is a great addition to the game.






Hoplo Series: Build Your Own Units - $15

Wishing we had an Amazon in the fight? Or maybe a hulking kodiak bear? Make one! We have two pack choices for you: 


Pack 1: You get 3 of each city color for a total of 15 chips! You also get downloadable templates for your chip graphics that you can edit on your computer or print out and fill in!


Pack 2: Crowd Favor and Crimminal/Beast Chips! 8 White chips and 7 Black will allow you to create a full set of CF Rewards, 2 CF Gladiators, and a dangerous army of Beasts and Criminals! You also get downloadable templates for your chip graphics that you can edit on your computer or print out and fill in!





Hoplo Series: Steel Alloy Dice Pack (Limited Qty) - $20        


For a VERY limited time, we are selling our remaining inventory of Zinc Alloy Dice. These are amazing and SUPER heavy. The "Thud" they make when landing on the neoprene game mats is extremely satisfying! Get yours before they are gone!




Hoplo Series: Replacement Chips (up to 2 chips) - $2 .50

A quick way to get a replacement chip if something in your set gets lost or damaged. Just note which chips you would like replaced and we will get them out to you!


Name of Chip 1
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