CTG PREMIUM PLAY TESTER ($655 pledge): We are opening up 6 slots for people interested in the future of Chip Theory Games. By pledging this level, you will receive all HOPLO REWARDS (HOPLO ELITE), our STRATEGIST level rewards (expansion and future KickStarter games) AND you will gain a Roster Spot on our CTG Premium Play Tester List (for all future CTG games!).   
Extended details: 
First off, you get all the good stuff Hoplomachus has to offer by receiving all HOPLO ELITE and STRATEGIST level rewards. However, you ALSO will gain a Roster Spot on our CTG Premium Play Tester List! We are talking exclusive access to future game content, artwork, and input. So exclusive, you will be required to sign a nondisclosure before being admitted. 
As a CTG PPT (Premium Play Tester):
  • You will be privy to much of what we are working on and certainly everything we are testing (in regards to Hoplo expansions and our upcoming games).
  • You will have unique opportunities to “weigh in” on testing and balancing discussions.
  • You will have access to a private forum only our testers will be given access to where our games and their artwork, mechanics, rules, and other aspects will be revealed, discussed, and debated. 
  • You will receive credit for your contributions, special consideration at our booths at CONs we attend (by flashing a special “Badge” chip you will be issued).
  • You will have access to periodic live discussions through Skype with other play testers and the game creators. 
  • You will be given specific opportunities and considerations (based on your contributions and interest level) to be sent full beta versions of our games for testing.  
  • Free stuff, promo items, things of this nature will be offered to those who remain involved. 
Why have this type of pledge? 
Simple. To connect on a more acute level with a wider range of the board gaming community. Adam and I have very specific views of games and mechanics – and just as Euro games bring a flavor all their own, people from different walks of life have vastly different perceptions on what’s interesting and fun. While CTG has a strong base of play testers in Minnesota, we want to hear from and allow for other regions, states, countries to offer suggestions to keep our games fresh, fun, and connected to what the gaming community wants! We want to hear from serious Eurogamers, Ameritrashers, Wargamers, and even some Hybrid gamers. And not to leave out shop owners, that is another group that we want to hear from! We would love to grow our PPT list to 30 or 50 but we are starting with 6 for now to gauge interest. 
So why $655!?
Because this is a big commitment for both you and for us. We want people taking it seriously and frankly, we want those who see what we’re doing now and like where we’re headed. This level of monitory pledge means you are seriously interested and would like to be a part of it. ***We are extending this offer to our existing BOSS and Champion level pledgers as well.