This game is incredibly dynamic! I've been playtesting it for months now and I'm surprised just how often I find myself in new situations or scratching my head on how I'm going to turn things around. Hoplomachus is a game that seems to have a lot of replayabilty and I haven't even been privy to ANY of the additional arenas they are rolling out yet!! 

Josh Oliver - Game Tester 

When I saw the price of $75 for the Kickstarter level that gets you the game, I was a bit skeptical.  I didn't understand until I starting playing the game, just how many chips were involved and how heavy they were. Clearly they have not held back anything on game quality, so after a few games to satisfy my other curiosities about gameplay, I am a firm believer!

Jason Toller - Game Tester 

Impressive! Not only was the 2 player a blast to play, but the 1 vs beast was hillarious!! At first I thought thier was not chance and that the beasts were WAY OP!, but then I ended up almost pulling off a victory!! SO much fun!

Sam Geller - Game Tester 



Warriors from Xanadu have a brute strength that is awesome by any comparrison. So far, Rome has deduced from watching them compete that they are easily underestimated at "brutes" without brains. Interestingly enough, those who have made this snap judgement have ended up arena fodder. These warriors almost always work in tandum, hitting their opponents with a sequence of blows and feigns uncharactoristic of units of their size and strength.   

El Dorado

El Dorado fighters are very mysterious and of all the cities Rome has had its eye on, these people still have many secrets yet to be uncovered. One thing is clear, their weapons are a thing of beauty. Why a fighter would bring a golden spear into battle makes very little sense to most who face them and yet they weild thier weapons with such deadly precison - its as if the ornate metals were an extension of themselves.


Within the Atlantis emcampment there appears to be just as many women fighters as men. Unusually calm, these fighters appear to be exceptionally resourceful. With whips, nets, and other trickery, Atlantian fighters always keep thier enemies on their heals or thier backs. As if able to communicate on a higher level, they easily single out enemies and cut them off from support. No one feels safe within the arena when facing Atlantians no matter where they stand or how many allies they may have standing next to them. 

More cities have responded to Rome's challenge...stay tuned.



Newest Rulebook (08_13_13) - download HERE!

Includes newest rules on playing one gladiator and one tactic per turn!

Hoplomachus [ha-ploh-ma-kuss], or “Hoplo” for short, is a hex-based tactical board game set inside a gladiatorial arena. Each player represents an ancient city/civilization thought to have been lost to the world, who is now on Rome’s doorstep vying for a place in the prestigious arena games. 

Hoplo focuses on a few interesting game mechanics to create a nail biting clash of strategy and tactics. While the goals within some of the arenas may differ slightly, the main objective always remains the same – eliminate your opponents champion.

Players will be utilizing gladiators with various skills, attacks, and even alternate attacks. They will also be using tactics if they can get thier enemy within range. Finally the crowd itself weighs heavily into every battle due to crowd favor rewards that are granted from holding risky positions and taking on ferocious beasts.

While Hoplomachus cators to the strategist who plans and adjusts as things change within the arena, there IS an element of chance that can create unexpected circumstances and outcomes. Almost every unit has a roll associated with its attack. Based on the unit type and the kind of attack chosen, a player can introduce more or less "chance" into thier strategy depending on thier particular playstyle.  

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