Chip Theory Games

Hoplomachus - The Lost Cities

Master Reference Sheet – Abilities, Innates, Alts, Specials

Abilities are usable once/turn, Alt Attacks are used in place of a unit’s

basic attack, Innates are always active.


Absorb - Innate - When attacked and hit with a basic atk, unit takes 1 less damage.

Assimilate - Ability - Unit gains 1 health after each friendly and opposing gladiator (not beast) death in the Arena.

Awe Struck – Ability - All opposing units within 4 hexes are unable to move for 1 turn.

Brute Force - Innate - When moving, unit may push any opposing unit directly back one hex if that hex is vacant.

Call Ally - Ability - During move phase, friendly non-Champion unit may move one hex towards Spartacus.

Call Panther - Special - Coming Soon.

Carry Unit - Ability - Friendly non-Champion unit may mount or dismount carrying unit as part of its move. Mounted unit is immune to all Basic and Alt Atk damage from non-Archers, and only Archers can perform Basic or Alt Atks while riding. Mounted units control carrying unit's movement.

Champion Bound – Innate - Unit will always attempt to move towards assigned Champion. Roll a d6, 1 = no move, 2-5 = unit moves 1 hex toward Champion, 6 = unit moves 2 hexes toward Champion.

Chase Down – Ability - Moves adjacent to closest opposing unit and instantly does 4 damage. Player 1 chooses hex.

Chest Pound – Alt Atk – Unit heals for 1 health (cannot exceed starting health this way).

Combat Locked – Innate – Once adjacent to an opposing unit(s), movement is negated for unit(s) and the Beast. If this Beast’s master is in play, the Beast may chose to break the Combat Lock and move.

Consuming Impel – Ability – A single friendly unit up to 2 hexes away gains another Basic or Alt Atk this turn. Does not apply to other Champions.

Consuming Roar - Alt Atk - Choose an adjacent opposing unit to attack. Roll one Yellow die for each health the opposing unit has. Each 'Hit' transfers 1 health to Roaring unit. There is no limit to health gained this way.

Crit Happens - Alt Atk - Unlimited range shot attempt. Pick target, roll number of Black Dice equal to hex distance, all Black Dice must hit to do a 2 damage shot.

Cursed Blade - Alt Atk -  Roll green die over and over (against his/her own unit), until a miss is rolled.  Hits are totaled and applied to cursed unit. After rolls, unit is no longer cursed.

Darkwind - Innate - All friendly non-Champion units that start their move phase next to Jeffory, gain +1 move range for that turn.

Death Roll - Special - Roll Green die one at time until miss, number of consecutive 'H' is total damage to adjacent unit. (treat as Alt Atk)

Distract – Ability – Attempt to Distract an opponent directly beneath you with 1 Green die. If Distract is successful, opponent must immediately attack in return by rolling a single Green die for 1 damage. Opponent is stunned for 1 turn.

Equalize - Alt Atk - Transfer 1 health from a friendly unit with more health - to this unit. Equalize may exceed starting health.

Enraged Fury Aura – Ability - Unit can do 1 damage to a single opposing unit up to 2 hexes away. Useable during move phase.  

Execute Training – Alt Atk – Activate trained Beast’s Special if the Beast is within 4 hexes.

Extreme Pull - Ability - A unit can be pulled in a straight line inward toward the puller (up to 2 hexes inward and from up to 3 hexes away). Cannot pull through other units. Useable during move phase. Does not apply to Champions.

Feint Attack - Alt Atk - All friendly units attacking opposing units adjacent to this unit, gain +1 damage this turn.

First Strike – Ability - Unit can attack the same turn it is deployed.

Flying – Innate – Unit ignores movement restrictions (may fly over other units and even end its turn on top of another unit. Flying unit may only be damaged by ranged Basic Atks / Alt Atks / and non-adjacent Abilities. Flying unit cannot assume control of a hex (for crowd favor, or to keep an opponent from moving there).

Fury Aura – Ability - Unit can do 1 damage to a single adjacent opposing unit. Useable during move phase.

Get Up - Innate - Unit remains on Arena forever. At the start of your turn, if unit is a corpse, roll a Yellow die to gain 3 health and be redeployed right where unit fell.

Gore - Ability - Do 1 damage to an adjacent opposing unit. That unit is then Combat Locked.

Headlock - Alt Atk - Adjacent Headlocked unit cannot move next turn and must attack this unit.

Heal Ally - Alt Atk - Heal adjacent unit for 1 health, cannot exceed starting health this way.

Humiliate Gladiator - Alt Atk - Roll a green die when adjacent to an opposing unit, if a hit, jump on unit's back (move this unit on top of opponent). While in this position, opposing unit cannot use Abilities or attack this unit.

Hurl Boulder – Special – Attack an opponent at 2 range. Roll 1 black die, if successful, do 1 damage and then roll a green die, if successful, unit is also pushed back 1 hex away from this unit, your choice if multiple hexes available. If hex is occupied, that unit also takes 1 damage. If hex is a wall, struck unit takes an additional damage.

Hurl: - Ability - Unit can ‘pick up’ an adjacent unit (friend or foe) and ‘throw’ it to a different available, adjacent hex. Useable during move phase only.

Hyzer Stun – Alt Atk - Roll 1 blue die to Stun unit up to 3 hexes away for 1 turn.

Impel – Ability - A single adjacent friendly unit gains a basic attack this turn.

Initiative – Ability  - Unit can move the same turn it is deployed.

Inspire - Innate - Friendly units within 2 of this unit gain +1 Yellow Atk die to their Basic Atk.

Intercept Attack - Ability - Unit may intercept the entire damage of a basic attack if the attacker is within 2 hexes of this unit.

Intercept Blow – Ability - When a basic attack damages an adjacent friendly unit, this unit can intercept that entire damage. Damage cannot be split up.

Kick - Ability - Coming Soon.

Lash Back - Ability - Once per turn, this unit may respond with a Blue die roll for every miss (non-'H') of a Basic Atk by an adjacent opposing unit. Lash back can be used even if the opponent’s complete Atk kills this unit.

Leadership - Ability - Gain +1 yellow Atk die for each friendly adjacent unit.

Long Shot – Alt Atk - Roll 1 yellow die to attempt a 1 dmg ranged attack up to 4 hexes away.

Mad Charge – Special – Unit must charge in a straight line for 3 open hexes. If this unit ends it's charge adjacent to an opponent in the direction of the charge, this unit does 3 dmg to that opponent (treat dmg as an Alt Atk).

Mass Constrict – Ability - This unit immediatly occupies a hex adjacent to the most opposing units and then rolls a 2 black die alt atk. Player 1 chooses the hex.

Mimic - Ability - During this unit's move phase, learn an adjacent unit's ability or Alt Atk (must state out loud). This can be remembered and used until the start of this unit's next move phase.

Pacify - Alt Atk - Selected adjacent opposing unit may not attack next turn.

Pervasive Absorb - Innate - All adjacent units gain Absorb (not the Champion). When adjacent units are attacked with Basic Atk, units take 1 less damage. Does not apply to Champions. 

Pre-emptive Strike - Innate - Each turn, the first opposing unit to move adjacent to this unit is immediately auto-hit for 1 damage.

Pull - Ability - A unit can be pulled in a straight line inward toward the puller 1 hex inward from 2 hexes away. Useable during move phase only.

Pummel - Alt Atk - Roll green die one at time until miss, number of consecutive 'H' is total damage to adjacent unit.

Rally Run - Ability - If starting move adjacent to the perimeter of the arena, unit may move along the perimeter up to 4 hexes.

Reassemble - Innate - When this unit is attacked and damaged, it has the chance to INSTANTLY repair the damage done by rolling a yellow die for each hit against him (rolled after each enemy attack).

Relentless - Ability - Re-roll all missed attack dice for this unit once.

Reposition – Alt Atk - Instead of attacking, unit may move 1 hex during its attack phase.

Retaliate – Ability - When attacked and hit with a basic atk by an adjacent unit, do 1 damage back to the attacking unit (even if this unit is defeated).

Revitalize - Alt Atk - As long as this unit has at least 1 health, it may 'redeploy' itself with full health.

Roaming – Innate – Unit will roll X dice based on move range and follow the die roll key to move. If this Beast’s master is in play, Roaming does not apply, and Beast may move as it chooses.

Scared Stiff  - Ability - All opposing units within 3 hexes are stunned for 1 turn.

Seismic Hurl: - Ability - Unit can ‘pick up’ an adjacent unit (friend or foe) and ‘throw’ it to a different available hex up to 3 hexes away from this unit. Useable during move phase. Does not apply to Champions.

Shadow Spear - Ability - Roll 2 basic D6; refer to die key; a spear is thrown across the arena in these directions doing 2 dmg to every opposing unit in its path.

Strategic Attack – Innate - All friendly adjacent units gain an additional yellow die to use with their basic attack this turn.

Stun – Ability  - Roll 1 blue die to attempt to Stun an adjacent unit. A stunned unit cannot move, attack, or use abilities for 1 round.

Summon Beast – Ability – Call your Beast directly into the arena on a successful green die roll. If summoned, the Beast will be immediately put into play (unless it has already fallen in battle). The Beast may be deployed on valid Deployment Hex, from Prep Zone or Bag.

Swing Rush – Ability - Moves adjacent to farthest opposing unit and instantly does 3 damage. Player 1 chooses hex.

Talon Strike – Special – This unit may attack an opponent up to 3 hexes away with 2 black dice (treat as Alt Atk). Opponent must immediately attack this unit by rolling 2 green dice.

Taunt - Ability - All opposing adjacent units choosing to attack, must attack this unit.

Toaster - Ability - For every yellow die that hits, do two damage instead of one.

Tommy Gun - Alt Atk - Pick 2 adjacent side-by-side hexes, this unit shoots every opposing and friendly unit in a 45 degree arc all the way to the arena wall. Roll one yellow die for each unit within this arc.

Twin Long Arrow - Alt Atk - Perform two seperate Long Shot attacks (yellow die Atk up to 4 range). Atks may be used on different targets.

Whirlwind – Alt Atk - Roll (x) blue dice equal to total adjacent opposing units, total damage is applied to  all adjacent opposing units.

Wounded Rage – Innate – For every health this unit is missing (from 5 total), add that many Blue dice to this unit's Basic Atk.