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Hoplomachus - The Lost Cities


The Roman Empire is flourishing. News of the famous arena games are reaching every corner of the globe. But this renown may be having some undesired effects, as it has attracted the attention of some unusual parties. Legendary cities from the far reaches of the earth, each thought to have been lost forever, are sending emissaries to Rome. These are not ordinary cities. Each represent an advanced civilization with warrior types, skills, and tactics unknown to the Empire. How these cities and cultures exist remains a mystery…one the Empire intends to uncover.


In order to study and determine the threat level of these potential adversaries, the Roman Empire reacts quickly. Each of the emissaries have been sent home with a challenge in hand that will take place in the arena. It reads:


“Gather your elite, your best Champion and fighters, set your strategists to work and join us. Battle in the arena and prove to the world you are worth its notice.”


Three cities have responded…



Arena and Lost City Introduction

















Built during the reign of the Emperor Vespasian and finished under his son, Titus, this arena was known as the Flavian Amphitheater. Its advanced gear systems were used to quickly lift beast cages up to the arena floor and open them. The arena was designed so that at any time, from any direction, gladiators would find themselves face to face with deadly beasts.










After losing their legendary city, this civilization thrived on the open waters and remained a secret while they advanced and progressed into an empire once again. Living on the oceans, its warriors are sure footed on any terrain and use their nets, ropes, and spears with deadly accuracy.


By entangling and entrapping their opponents, they continually keep them off balance and confused. Atlantis controls its battles with precise planning, patience and impressive positional control. None should underestimate the Atlanteans.








Across the waters to the southwest lies the legendary city of El Dorado, the City of Gold. Five hundred years have passed since its people have lived within its walls. For reasons unknown, the people of El Dorado have been forced to roam the desert sands, being 

hardened by its winds and sharpened by its teeth.


They know nothing of retreat, and push forward with speed and ferocity. They overwhelm their opponents with their fearless assaults and nothing will stand in their way of completing their unknown quest to allow entrance into El Dorado once again.









Rumored only as a mysterious mountain tribe in lands to the east, Xanadu’s origins and bloodline have remained pure and protected. This has allowed them to harness and hone the inner strength of their race.


To the untrained eye, they appear rash and uncoordinated. But anyone who has fought a Xanadian, would know otherwise. Aggressive yet methodical, these warriors pick apart the opposition. Divide and conquer strategy is taught as soon as the young can hold a weapon. Few who face them live to tell about it.