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2) 2013-2014 Post-Kickstarter Orders

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Welcome to Chip Theory Games!


Welcome to our new website! So far we only have our CTG and Hoplo: TLC pages up but you can bet we have others that will be coming on line shortly! 


The best news is that our store is ACTIVE! Please check it out! And thanks for visiting! 

Josh Carlson
Josh Carlson
Sat, Jun 7, 2014 6:58 PM

Latest News! Backer game fulfillment at 90%!

Shipping Status

Despite what many may have thought, Adam and I did not die from paper cuts while packing shipping boxes. The long vow of silence was just Adam and I trying to catch up a bit. Both of us have backed a lot of Kickstarter games and its always hard to hear that a game is taking longer than expected...again and again. Weekly updates of "We are now at 52%!" don't go over that great. That being said, many of you have made a good point that delays are usually ok as long as you know about them. And so a fine line must be found. 

In our case, the good news is that games have been going out constantly (as you have seen reported by many backers already). So why is it taking so long!? Well, weeks ago, our main sticker assembly source was halted and we had to switch gears yet again to do that ourselves. That slowed game delivery way down. We have recently appointed a new team to assemble stickers and are back to full throttle again! 

One other thing I will mention is that when we sent out the surveys, we weren't expecting quite so many people to buy the add-ons we offered! The majority of you, if you didn't have the add-ons as part of your pledge already, ended up adding on ALL of the add-ons we offered! That was AWESOME...but it also practically doubled the amount of chips we needed to sticker to fill each backer order. Whew! It's been a long road but its almost to its completion! Thank you for your patience! 

If you DON'T have your game yet, its not lost in the mail - its coming! If your address has changed - please send it to us! And if you still feel like you just want to check in on your game specifically - go ahead and e-mail us. We will try to reply promptly with your status. 

After we have finished the backer orders we will be moving right into all the Post-KS orders that have been placed last year at GenCon or on our website. At that point, I will be switching gears and working on posting the RoR pages to our renovated website (www.chiptheorygames.com) and filling them with content! We will also be giving you a much more in depth preview of the next 3 games/efforts we have in progress! 

Rise of Rome Unboxing Video

Reviewers will be receiving our game in the upcoming weeks and you will be seeing gameplay videos being posted shortly after. We wanted these up at the same time as people are receiving their games because sometimes it offers a much easier way of learning the game apart from just reading the rulebook (although the color and printing of RoR's rulebook is 10x improved from TLC and should be a fun read)! 

The first unboxing video has already been posted by Ricky Royal - Box of Delights. You can view it here!

Josh Carlson
Josh Carlson
Tue, Apr 8, 2014 12:58 AM

Shipping Update, RoR Game Info, and RoR KS Exclusives!

Shipping Update

We are now closing in on 60% finished with shipping and now that we have our process refined and some consistent help, things are speeding up! This has been a long process for the two of us but not nearly as long as what it must feel like for our backers! We appreciate your patience! Games are shipping daily! Thank you everyone who has sent in your new addresses! 

We don't mind people checking in or asking where things are at, but please know that if you haven't received your game yet, it's not lost in the mail! You WILL receive a notification once it has shipped! 


RoR Game Info

New RoR Gameplay Videos will be posted on our site later this week as well as detailed video overviews of all the new Add-on chips and abilities so be watching our website for those to appear (we will also post another update when they do). 

Also, if you want to get a head start on the rules, feel free to download them here: 


RoR KS Exclusives

As more and more Kickstarter orders are being filled, we wanted to take a moment and detail out what will be coming with your order that is strictly considered Kickstarter Exclusive material. Because none of this content is part of the retail version of the game, you will not find explanation on how to use it within the gamebox. This update will hopefully help clarify (as will our website)! 


Flippin' Flip Chip

This is the one piece we DID write into the rulebook! It serves one frivolous but oh-so-important purpose...Flip the flippin flip chip to see who starts the game! 


Custom Titan Dice (2)

These two dice are used with 2 of the 4 Titans that come with Rise of Rome. When the card asks you to roll a D6, that's when you whip out your custom Titan die and let er fly! 



Hero Mash-up (3 chips) and Roman Heroes (3 chips)

These 6 Chips are all Crowd Favor Gladiators and are meant to be shuffled in with your two CF Gladiators that come with RoR. Your CF Gladiator is the final CF Reward you unlock within the game and can be of great assistance in ensuring victory!

Here is a list of all 6 chips that are included:

    • Hugo (undead)
    • Taleena (elven)
    • Occuria (angelic)
    • Spartacus
    • Emperor Commodus
    • Caracalla

For now, all abilities, alts, and innates for these units are listed within our Master List which you can reference at any time. Soon we will be creating a downloadable PDF of just these abliites so you can print them out and have them nearby while playing. 


Tribute (2 chips)

These two Tribute chips are for use with two special PvP modes created for TLC. Find out more about them here!


Equipment (4 chips)

These 4 equipment pieces are for use within any of our arenas, including the Training Grounds! The Xanadian Crossbow, Centurion Helm, Roman Parmula, and the Pompeiian Whip are all optional play pieces. Refer to Add-on Rulebook for instructions on how to set up and play with Equipment here!


Containers (3 chips)

These 3 container chips are sharp looking (but purely cosmetic) chips that signify the boxes or barrels your equipment is found in when playing Hoplo. Follow the normal Equipment rules linked above to setup your equipment. Once finished, place the appropriate container (that matches the amount of health you chose for it) on top of the stack. That's it! Now enjoy bashing boxes and crates to get at the goods inside!


Beast and Master Add-On (10 chips)

This is NOT exclusive to the Kickstarter and can be purchased as an add-on however, it was unlocked and therefore included free-of-charge for everyone who was a part of the Kickstarter.

Here is a list of all 10 chips represented in this Add-on:

      • El Doradian BeastMaster
      • Emerald Falcon
      • Pompeiian BeastMaster
      • Mist Panther
      • Xanadian BeastMaster
      • Slateback Gorilla
      • Atlantean BeastMaster
      • Sea Crocodile
      • Roman BeastMaster
      • Armored Rhino


Paying Homage Add-On (7 chips)

While this IS exclusive to the Kickstarter, it is also something that was not free. This Add-on needed to be purchased. Like the Hero Mash-up and Roman Heroes, these 7 chips are also CF Gladiators and are to be shuffled and chosen from when selecting and placing your CF Rewards.

Here is a list of all 7 chips that are included:

      • VarLance
      • Norris
      • SuperDad
      • Tox
      • Vass El'Tori
      • Jeffory
      • Hectros

For now, all abilities, alts, and innates for these units are listed within our Master List which you can reference at any time. Soon we will be creating a downloadable PDF of just these abilities so you can print them out and have them nearby while playing.